Whether you are going on a group tour, family reunion trip, school field trip, or a national park tour, the bus trip could be boring or it could be lots of fun. Getting there provides an opportunity to plan some fun activities, learn something new or just relax. Many motorcoaches have some great amenities that can help with your group’s enjoyment. You can plan for fun in the seats or it can be an educational activity for those school field trips.


Take Advantage of the Amenities


Many buses have on-board entertainment systems. Most coaches have a AM/FM/CD audio system standard along with a corded or cordless microphone for the PA system. Many coaches now have DVD players and some even have a Karaoke setup. These options provide you with several different ways to keep your guests busy while traveling on the coach. The simple way is to bring along CDs to play or agreeing on a type of music and playing a radio station of that type. If the audio system has a jack to use an IPod you can create the perfect road trip playlist! You can use the microphone to make introductions, give important information about where you are going, or just have fun and tell the group a story or joke. If you have a cordless microphone you can pass it around through the coach and allow each person to contribute to the fun. The DVD player can be utilized to just play movies or other pre-recorded entertainment. If it is a school trip; you can show a DVD about the history of the place or another educational recording about it to increase the learning the students are getting.


Play Some Games


Everyone loves games or at least tolerates them. The options for on-board games are endless. There are the standards like Bingo and Horse Races. I think everyone has experienced Bingo at some time in their life. The Horse Race game requires a little pre-planning. You can be real creative and get actual plastic horses or just pictures or drawings of horses attached to a paint mixing stick; you will need six. Give each horse a name or number and you can have friendly wagers on the outcome. The group leader will have a set of dice (each die needs to be a different color). Someone rolls the dice; one die represents the number of the horse that gets to move and the other die is how many seat rows it can move. The people on the coach start passing the horses back down one said and they turn in the back and come up the other side. The first horse that makes it back to the front wins. This can turn into some real fun depending on how fast you keep rolling the dice and have the horses move or how many horses one person can get stuck holding. Another quick easy game to create interaction between guests is a scavenger hunt. You create a list of simple items that someone would have on them or in a purse or wallet. Divide the coach up into teams of five or six seated near each other so no one has to get up while the vehicle is in motion. To make it tougher or as a tie-breaker; ask for a penny from a certain year. A great prize for the winning team is a mini-organizer you can find in a craft section of a store. When you present it, tell them it is because they carry too much stuff and need to organize it which creates a great laugh.


Fun in Your Seats


Maybe your group does not want to be interactive or they don’t feel like listening to music or watching a video. There are still plenty of choices for those types of groups. You can create a hand-out about where you are going or more information about items related to your trip. This can be many pages and very informative or just a quick one page synopsis. Another idea for those who want to play a game on their own is a road bingo sheet consisting of different road signs or other sights you would see while traveling or a license plate bingo game. If they want something different, look at printing some different word games or other paper trivia games. Basing it on the group you are traveling with makes it much more fun. If you have an older group you can create something like a trivia game of old advertising logos, phrases, famous movie lines or a game with different lines from songs. Many versions of paper games exist and can help the miles just float by.


When it comes to traveling on one of All Aboard America’s luxury charters there are plenty of features to take advantage of. And by adding your own fun to the mix you can expect to have a very enjoyable trip no matter where you’re headed. To view all of All Aboard America’s upcoming tours please visit our Overnight Trips or Day Tours sections. You can call 800-848-4728 for more information. See you on the open road.