About All Aboard AmericaALL ABOARD AMERICA! has a distinguished history that dates back to 1936 when Henry Page formed the Potash Mines Transportation Company to transport potash miners to and from their jobsites in Southeast New Mexico.

Trailers pulled by trucks were the original buses of the company. As the trailers traveled through the southwest, smoke stacks through the roofs of the trailers sent out puffs of smoke from pot belly stoves that kept the miners warm as they traveled. The story goes that at week’s end, some of the miners returned home empty handed after gambling away their week’s wages on the trip home, much to the dismay of their wives!

Henry’s daughter Coradene and her husband Jack L. Wigley later formed Industrial Bus Lines, Inc. to expand the original business into West Texas and Arizona, merging the two companies in 1971. At its peak, these services operated over 50 buses in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas.

Today ALL ABOARD AMERICA! is led by Jack L. and Coradene’s son Jack D. Wigley as President and CEO. Jack D’s vision and leadership has taken ALL ABOARD AMERICA! to new heights and has transformed the company into a major player in the motorcoach industry.

In 1983 the Midland/Odessa, Texas division was created to serve area schools, churches and universities. In addition to the charter business, the company began making daily runs to San Angelo and Presidio, Texas. The Presidio route continues in operation today.

1989 brought further expansion opportunities with the purchase of an existing motorcoach company in Phoenix, and tour operation became a standard service offered by the company.

With the continued expansion, Industrial Bus Lines, Inc. needed a new name to better identify the company and its wide array of services. As a result of a company-wide contest and the winning entry of Jack D’s daughter Adrian, ALL ABOARD AMERICA! came to be the new company name.

In 1996 the purchase of another existing operation in Las Cruces, NM continued the expansion of ALL ABOARD AMERICA! Jack D moved this company to El Paso, TX where it continues to offer charter and contract services.

In 2003 when our latest division was formed in Santa Fe, NM taking part of our company back to its home state! This operation is under contract and provides over 70 daily routes for commuters and residents of North Central New Mexico.

ALL ABOARD AMERICA! is proud of its strong Southwest USA history and its family-oriented workplace. We pride ourselves in taking care of our dedicated team of employees as well as our valued customers who expect the very best service possible. Our mission is a unified effort to provide exceptional safety for everyone who steps aboard an ALL ABOARD AMERICA! motorcoach.

In 2012, ALL ABOARD AMERICA! announced the next chapter in their history by making a strong move to future success.  We merged with another company celebrating their 75th Anniversary: Hotard Coaches and Calco Travel of New Orleans. Along with our partners at the equity group of Celerity Partners, we have a huge advantage in growing our individual markets and services due to the diversity within the combined companies and the benefits Celerity will bring to the table.  In April 2014, we expanded into California by bringing Sun Diego under the ALL ABOARD AMERICA! Holdings, Inc. umbrella.