Bus Charter Safety

Bus Charter Safety

Your Safety Comes First at ALL ABOARD AMERICA!

ALL ABOARD AMERICA! has a fleet of luxury motorcoaches that covers the southwest, traveling more than 5,000,000 miles yearly. With more than 80+ years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to keep our motorcoaches moving safely across the miles to get you where you want to go. Nothing in our business is more important than the safety of our passengers.
What Sets ALL ABOARD AMERICA! Apart From the Others When it Comes to Safety?

Our Internal Safety and Maintenance Department

Most motorcoach companies do not have an internal maintenance department and therefore have to rely on a third party to maintain their buses. At ALL ABOARD AMERICA! we not only have a state of the art In-House Maintenance Department, we also have an entire Safety Department devoted to nothing but making sure our buses are safe and ready to go 365 days a year.

Our Ongoing Professional Training Programs

Both the maintenance and safety departments, as well as bus motor coach operations, are fully staffed with professionals who engage in up-to-date training programs to make sure top-quality safety procedures are being implemented on our buses consistently.

Our Safety Commitment To You

These extras do not come cheaply, but at ALL ABOARD AMERICA! your safety is worth the investment so we can honor our commitment to provide buses that we are proud to put on the road to get you safely to your destination – every time.

When you’re comparing rates, compare safety measures too. We’re sure you’ll choose ALL ABOARD AMERICA! if safety is your priority.

Our Safety Record Speaks For Itself. You can view our safety rating at http://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov.

US Department of Transportation

  • ALL ABOARD AMERICA! has consistently received the highest rating offered by DOT
  • Our most recent audit by DOT September 2011 once again resulted in a #1 Rating

US Department of Defense

  • ALL ABOARD AMERICA! chooses to meet rigorous standards of the US Defense Department. This is an optional choice by ALL ABOARD AMERICA! not one you find with every bus company. We undergo a complete review every two years by Consolidated Safety Services which reviews all companies certified by the US Department of Defense.
  • Our most recent audit in November 2016 again resulted in a #1 rating.
  • Lancer Insurance Company has awarded ALL ABOARD AMERICA! numerous Safety Excellence Awards

ALL ABOARD AMERICA! Goes The Extra Mile To Ensure Your Safety

Routine Safety Measures Above and Beyond Requirements by USDOT Include:

  • Ongoing Professional Driver Training Programs
  • Organized Driver Screening During The Hiring Process
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Programs With Modern “In House” Facilities
  • Highly-Skilled Professionally-Trained Maintenance/Safety Staff
  • Modern Luxury Fleets
  • Twice the Amount of Insurance Coverage Required by USDOT
  • Frequent Loss Reviews
  • Regular Prevention Analysis

IMG Certified

IMG is a network source for reliable Charter Bus Rental Companies. Their members must complete a strict certification process, prove they are safe and reliable, and ensure they provide quality transportation. ALL ABOARD AMERICA! became a an IMG certified member in February 2001.

All International Motorcoach Group (IMG) members are dedicated to providing premier ground transportation through elevated standards of performance.

IMG Motor Coach Companies have an uncompromising commitment to high standards in areas of charter bus safety, motorcoach maintenance, customer service, driver training, equipment, operations and on-road support. IMG charter bus members support unconditionally an extensive network, in the form of on road support from coast to coast and member to member services. IMG is dedicated to delivering this excellence to each and every client that hires an IMG motor coach company.

When you’re ready to take a trip to any destination in the Southwest, contact ALL ABOARD AMERICA! We’re ready to get you there safely and comfortably.