El Paso Presidio and Odessa TexasPresidio Route

All Aboard America! provides regular route service 365 days a year.  We travel twice a day, from Midland International Airport and Odessa, TX, south to Presidio, TX on the Mexico border and twice a day from Presidio, TX, north to Odessa and Midland International Airport.

All Aboard America! offers passenger and freight service on this schedule.  We have loading and off-loading points at Midland International Airport, Odessa, Crane, McCamey, Ft Stockton, Alpine, Marfa and Presidio.

Some East/West bound connections can be made in Ft. Stockton, but you would need to check with Greyhound or Kerrville for those times.

For More Information, call our Midland Toll Free Number (800) 628-1335


Day Route                   Evening Route
9:20am                        6:00pm            Leave Midland Airport
9:40am                        6:20pm            Arrive Odessa Greyhound
9:45am                        6:40pm            Leave Odessa Greyhound
10:20am                      7:15pm            Leave Crane
10:45am                      7:40pm            Leave McCamey
11:40am                      8:35pm            Arrive Ft. Stockton
11:45am                      8:55pm            Leave Ft. Stockton
1:05pm                        10:05pm          Leave Alpine
1:35pm                        10:35pm          Leave Marfa
2:55pm                        11:55pm          Arrive Presidio

Same day                    Next day
3:30pm                        9:00am            Leave Presidio
4:50pm                        10:15am          Leave Marfa
5:20pm                        10:45am          Leave Alpine
6:40pm                        12:05pm          Arrive Ft. Stockton
6:45pm                        12:15pm          Leave Ft. Stockton
7:40pm                        1:10pm            Leave McCamey
8:05pm                        1:35pm            Leave Crane
8:40pm                        2:10pm            Arrive Odessa Greyhound
8:45pm                        2:15pm            Leave Odessa Greyhound
9:05pm                        2:35pm            Arrive Midland Airport

The Day Route makes a round trip daily where as the Evening Route lays over in Presidio and comes back the next day. The Day Route departure makes a round trip daily.  The Evening Route lays over in Presidio that night, and starts its return the following morning.