El Paso Presidio and Odessa TexasPresidio Route

All Aboard America! provides regular route service twice a day, 365 days a year, to Presidio, TX, on the Mexican border. The south route originates at the Midland International Air & Space Port, with stops at Odessa Greyhound, Crane, McCamey, Ft. Stockton Greyhound, Alpine, Marfa, and into Presidio. The north route departs Presidio, runs through the same cities and makes its final drop at the Midland International Air & Space Port.

All Aboard America!’s regular route offers passenger and freight service on the schedule below. If you are needing to travel to destinations other than the ones listed below, please contact Greyhound @ 800-231-2222.

For More Information, call our Toll Free Number (800) 628-1335


365 days a year including holidays

Day Route Service Evening  Route Service
Midland Airport Leave 9:20am Midland Airport Leave 6:00pm
Odessa Greyhound Arrive 9:40am Odessa Greyhound Arrive 6:20pm
Leave 9:45am Leave 6:40pm
Crane Leave 10:20am Crane Leave 7:15pm
McCamey Leave 10:45am McCamey Leave 7:40pm
Ft. Stockton Greyhound Arrive 11:40am Ft. Stockton Greyhound Arrive 8:35pm
Leave 11:45am Leave 8:55pm
Alpine Leave 1:05pm Alpine Leave 10:05pm
Marfa Leave 1:35pm Marfa Leave 10:35pm
Presidio Arrive 2:55pm Presidio Arrive 11:55pm
(next day)
Presidio Leave 3:30pm Presidio Leave 9:00am
Marfa Leave 4:50pm Marfa Leave 10:15am
Alpine Leave 5:20pm Alpine Leave 10:45am
Ft. Stockton Greyhound Arrive 6:40pm Ft. Stockton Greyhound Arrive 12:05pm
Leave 6:45pm Leave 12:15pm
McCamey Leave 7:40pm McCamey Leave 1:10pm
Crane Leave 8:05pm Crane Leave 1:35pm
Odessa Greyhound Arrive 8:40pm Odessa Greyhound Arrive 2:10pm
Leave 8:45pm
Midland Airport Arrive 9:05pm Midland Airport Arrive 2:35pm