Few bus and charter tour service companies can say they have been in business for almost 80 years. As America’s #1 provider of large group transportation, we proudly make that claim. However, it’s not just the eight decades of service that makes us special. It’s because we ensure that every passenger on our buses has a comfortable, relaxing ride to their destination. Here is what you can expect to enjoy on an All Across America luxury motorcoach:


  • On-board restrooms: Stopping a bus every time someone in a large group has to use the bathroom is a hassle for everyone. The waiting time and the need to do a headcount at every stop take away from your time in the wilderness. Our clean and modern on-board restrooms eliminate that problem.


  • Comfortable seating: Our reclining seats give your scouts plenty of room to stretch their legs without annoying the people in front of them. With the extra roominess, you don’t have to spend time refereeing squabbles between seatmates either.


  • Large windows: Everyone in your group can share in the excitement of the journey by frequently viewing the scenery right outside of their window.


  • Hookups for electronics: The ability to watch a dvd, listen to a cd, or use an iPod makes long bus trips more enjoyable. All Aboard America has hook-ups for all of these electronics.


  • Ample storage space: We have enough room for every camper’s suitcase, tents, sleeping bags, pillows, and anything else your group needs stored during the drive.


  • Professional drivers: Our company employs experienced, safe, and friendly drivers who enjoy what they do. If you or your scouts have any questions while onboard our luxury motorcoach, just ask.


  • The highest safety standards: All of our busses are maintained by in-house staff who completes several hours of mandatory training annually. Our drivers also complete ongoing training. All Aboard America regularly receives top ratings from the Department of Transportation for vehicle safety. Additionally, we voluntarily have our fleet inspected by the United States Department of Defense, whose standards are even more rigorous.


We look forward to transporting your scouting troop on all of its summer adventures. Contact All Aboard America today for reservations.