How to Pack for Overnight Bus Tours

Whether you’re going on a bus tour of Savannah for Thanksgiving, San Diego for Christmas, or New Orleans in the New Year, the way that you pack for your trip can help you get the most enjoyment from the experience. If you don’t pack the things you need, you may be forced to buy them while you’re on your journey. If you pack too many items, you could have trouble finding what you need when you need it – and your bag may be unnecessarily heavy. The following tips should help you to strike the right balance in terms of what to pack – as well as how to pack your belongings efficiently.

Toiletries in Smaller Sizes

There really is no good reason to buy your toiletries when you’re on an overnight bus trip. Hotels typically provide small bottles of certain personal care items – such as shampoo and conditioner – but they may not have the kinds you generally use or prefer. To be sure you have the lotion, soap, shampoo, and other toiletries you like, just buy them in smaller sizes. Many drugstores sell a wide range of personal care products in travel-sized containers.

Another point worth noting: If you pack a gentle liquid soap or sample-sized laundry detergent, you’ll be able to wash some of your clothes by hand during your trip – and this will enable you to pack fewer clothing items and create more space in your bag for other things.

Clothing in Similar Colors

Instead of bringing several different outfits in a wide range of colors and patterns, try to stay within the same color theme for your bus tour. You might pack a pair of black pants, a pair of tan pants, a black shirt, and a white jacket. Add a patterned shirt and two simple pairs of shoes, and you’ll be able to create several looks from that basic wardrobe. If you want to add a little color and style to your attire, bring some inexpensive jewelry, a scarf, or a belt in bold hues.

How to Pack Your Bag

How to pack can be just as important as what you choose to bring with you. Try rolling your clothing items – this will help to keep them from getting wrinkled, and it will also maximize the space in your suitcase. You can also pack small things in your extra pair of shoes, as well as in the pockets of your suitcase.

What Not to Pack

Be sure to leave valuable items at home. Bringing an antique watch or the expensive ring your spouse gave you for your anniversary could make you a target for theft.

Additionally, don’t pack more than one book or magazine – you probably won’t have time to read it; another option is to download reading material on an electronic device if you have one.

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