All Aboard America introduces Prevost Liaison, which is a robust new data management system designed specifically for the use of vehicle monitoring. Although this gives it obvious abilities for fleet management companies, its primary function is to facilitate the communication between you and your motorcoach. This further accomplishes several key things:


  • – ensures the safety of the passengers and drivers, by providing an extra set of electronic eyes to monitor the electronic systems onboard the motorcoach


  • – ramps up the overall efficiency with which operations are conducted


  • – is the next stage in improved customer service


How Does Prevost Liaison Work, Exactly?


Prevost Liaison is a full-systems access program that is tied into the engine, transmission and ABS system of your motor coaches. It uses this full range of access to monitor minute changes in everything from tire pressure, to the fuel gauge. It effectively affords these critical measurements multiple sets of eyes – one from the driver on the road, and the other from a qualified technician at headquarters.


Furthermore, the dashboard is as simple as it needs to be – and no simpler. The easy-to-read interface delivers the most pertinent information about the state of the vehicle; all readable at a glance.  You’ll know about the diesel particulate filter and other aspects of electronic stability, via mission critical codes that are delivered in real time to your mobile device. Included are all the parameters necessary to pinpoint when the issue occurred, and why. Fault codes denote variables such as the engine temperature, the speed of the vehicle and more.


Staying Connected Confers a Host of Benefits


In order to maintain a constant connection between the motorcoach and the office, Prevost Liaison sends and accepts information through wireless communications. What better, more ubiquitous method than the World Wide Web? The internet is pervasive, and this premier vehicle management system utilizes this ever-presence to excellent effect – making sure you’re always connected and able to communicate. The management system has worked so well in trials that all new Prevost motorcoaches come equipped with Liaison 2.0, and the Volvo motorcoaches are being rolled out with the system, as well.


All Aboard America is dedicated to the safety of its drivers, motorcoaches and the passengers on-board. For more information, please visit, or call us at 800-848-4728.